Stallion Theater's Under the Big Top

Stallion Theater's Under the Big Top
Posted on 01/27/2022
WSMS Theatre is proud to present, "Under the Big Top," written by Martin Follose, directed by Paul Carter, and assisted by Meghan Weaver. 

The bank is going to foreclose on the Marlow Little Big Top Circus unless Mr. Marlow can miraculously get the loan repaid in three days. Unfortunately, Mr. Marlow has bigger tent problems. Leo The Lion Tamer is afraid of lions, David Copperflood The Magician is claustrophobic, Dipsey and Slipsey, the trapeze artists, are afraid of heights, and two burglars just stole the little bit of money the circus had saved for the loan. Down and out, the circus performers are trying desperately to find enough courage to put on the biggest big top performance of their lives and catch the circus crooks before Mr. Hawkins, the bank president, closes the circus. Not to be forgotten, Mr. Hawkins’ highly motivated secretary, Ms. Robwell, has inside information on the three-ring circus (Mr. Hawkins’ son, Henry, vice president of the bank, secretly joined the circus clowns and has fallen in love with Mr. Marlow’s daughter, Peggy) and under wraps hires two bungling burglars to steal the money to gain favor with Mr. Hawkins. But Corky and Max, the circus crooks, hide the money in one of the circus buckets and when Ms. Robwell demands the money, they can’t remember which bucket they used to stash the cash. Now everybody’s on a bucket-hunt and “the greatest show on earth” is turned upside down. Step right up for an evening of memorable fun with characters like Tipsy Toe-The Rope Walker, Bertha The Bearded Lady, and a host of other unbecoming characters.

We hope you all join us on Friday, March 4th at 7pm and/or Saturday, March 5th for our Community Performances! You won't be disappointed!

Written by: Paul Carter