Shawna Gower

Welcome to Physical Science with...
Shawna Gower

This is my second year at Woodland Spring Middle School and I cannot wait to meet you and get this year started. 

Google Classroom is a staple in my classroom, please make sure you are looking here for daily agendas and posted assignments. All materials, notes and worksheets can also be found in my google classroom. But don't forget to check skyward for your most accurate grade in my class! 


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Course Description: This year in science students will be focusing on four main units of study. While working through the topics mapped out below there will be an underlining focus on the scientific method and scientific argumentation. Students will learn to think, write and read like scientists while growing their curiosity about the world around them. 

UNIT ONE: Force and Motion   
- Objects in Motion 
- Newton's Laws of Motion 
- Magnetism 
 UNIT TWO: Energy              
- Introduction to Energy 
- Types of Energy
- Thermal Energy and Heat 
- Properties of Waves
- Visible Light 
- Electromagnetic Spectrum 
 UNIT FOUR: Chemistry
- Atomic Structure 
- Matter and Change 
- Chemical Interactions 
- The Periodic Table